Streaming For Free

Streaming For Free

Explore free streaming content from Boston Lyric Opera. From our new discussion series The Butterfly Process to one-of-a-kind music videos, RETRO+, there's something here for everyone.

Streaming For Free

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    SOUL(SIGNS): OPERA is a series of short films exploring the intersection of opera and ASL. Created by Up Until Now Collective. Commissioned by Boston Lyric Opera, Opera Omaha, Opera Columbus, and Portland Opera.

  • The Butterfly Process: Discussion Series

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    The Butterfly Process Discussion Series is an opportunity for community learning and dialogue led by Phil Chan with invited featured speakers, guests, and cast members from BLO's previously planned production of Madama Butterfly. Each discussion will tackle a different topic, giving context, shar...

  • RETRO+ Short Cuts

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    RETRO+ is the channel highlighting performances from Boston Lyric Opera's archives. BLO Artistic Advisor and legendary theater designer John Conklin joins forces with filmmaker Greg Emetaz for RETRO+ "Short Cuts," a debut series that sets classic BLO opera moments to evocative videos...

  • Opera Night at the Boston Public Library

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    A series of one-hour presentations through the season that feature interviews, lectures, and mini-performances highlighting BLO’s upcoming productions and opera as a whole. Speakers with expertise in the field share their insights into the world of opera to awaken your senses and deepen your oper...

  • We Need to Listen: Conversations that Matter with Celeste Headlee

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    Racism exists in all industries, including classical music and opera. If we are to fight it everywhere, we have to start fighting it somewhere.

    In Boston Lyric Opera’s new three-part series, We Need to Listen: Conversations that Matter with Celeste Headlee, the award-winning journalist, author, ...

  • AT ITS (s)CORE

    3 seasons

    AT ITS (s)CORE is a bi-weekly podcast from Boston Lyric Opera centered around a single piece of music that sparks a conversation between artists about their shared experiences in the process of making opera, and living a life filled with music.

  • Spotlight Kids

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    Spotlight Kids shines a light on the opera professionals of tomorrow by premiering original creations by kids today. Whether you’re new to opera or an expert, all are welcome to learn and express operatically!

  • Casting the Roles

    The Casting the Roles discussion session unpacks the nuances within ongoing industry conversations surrounding appropriate casting and performance practices. Constructive dialogue explores culturally sensitive, inclusive, and responsive practices that center the story being told, who is telling t...

  • Learning and Sharing

    In Learning & Sharing we share with our community and the industry what we learned and where we are going from here—both specifically for the opera Madama Butterfly and more broadly, outlining action and steps BLO is taking to become a multiracial opera company. Phil Chan will lead the conversati...